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How to Wash Workout Clothes?

How to Wash Workout Clothes?

Have you been sweating it out at your gym? Well, that’s amazing! But, while your workout is worth the effort, it is quite frustrating to end up with smelly activewear!

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Steps for getting the sweaty smell out of workout clothes

Turn The Clothes Inside Out
Activewear is built to absorb sweat, and most of the sweat and bacteria buildup is towards the inside of the clothes. So make sure you turn the clothes inside out before you soak the clothes. This not only helps you get rid of the grime better but also keeps your clothes brighter for a longer time.

Soak The Clothes
Are your workout clothes still smelly after you give them a thorough wash? This might be because you don’t soak them enough before you wash them. To get rid of all the unpleasant odors and accumulated bacteria, you need to soak your sweaty activewear in a white distilled vinegar solution.

Add one part of vinegar to four parts of water and soak your smelly workout clothes in this solution 20-30 minutes prior to washing them. Do ensure you close up any zippers before you put the clothes in the washing machine, to avoid any technical snags. After a good soak, your clothes are now ready to be washed!

Use An Antimicrobial Liquid Detergent
As activewear is mostly made of delicate fabrics, it’s best to use liquid laundry detergent. Since powdered detergent can ruin the fabric, you would want to choose a good quality liquid antimicrobial detergent instead. Along with gently cleaning your gym wear, the antimicrobial liquid detergent can also help get rid of all the bacteria in your clothes. Make sure you choose the best detergent for running clothes. Detergents that come with a pleasant fragrance will leave your gym wear smelling fresh and brand new!

Set the Washing Machine Right
As active apparel can get easily damaged, you need to ensure you choose the right washing settings. Hot water washes are a big no for activewear, as it can damage the delicate fibers in the fabric. Frequently washing activewear with hot water can reduce the lifespan of the clothing. So, always choose cold water and a gentle cycle setting to keep your activewear fresh and clean for a longer time.

Don't Use the Dryer
Using the dryer to dry your activewear should be the last resort. So, avoid using the dryer and use a drying rack to air-dry your smelly workout clothes instead. Also, rather than drying your clothes inside, quickly dry them outside; the sun and fresh air will dry them quickly and get rid of all unwanted odor.

Moreover, drying clothes outdoors is environmentally-friendly and can help keep your clothes in great condition for a long time! So, the next time you’ve done up your laundry, you know what to do: head straight outdoors to dry all the wet clothes.


These simple steps make getting odor out of gym clothes a super easy task! And yes, don’t forget to use the best detergent for running clothes; you can simply add it to your washing load to get fragrant, sparkly clean activewear in no time! We hope these tips helped you learn how to get smell out of workout clothes!

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