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Which shapewear to wear for your bridal shower as the bride?

Which shapewear to wear for your bridal shower as the bride?

What brides should keep in mind while wearing shapewear?

Shapewear boosts for your confidence, which is why it is an important for would-be-brides who wants to look a little extra special for her big day. However, there are still some things you need to keep in mind while wearing shapewear to make your shapewear-wearing experience good!

The most important thing on a bride-to-be's checklist is, of course, finding the perfect wedding dress. After that you can concentrate on your undergarments. Yes honey it’s your shapewear we are talking about. Your lingerie is the very foundation of your entire outfit. The right or wrong shapewear can make or break your entire look. You will be amazed to know that to date 80% of women don’t even know their correct bra and panty size. A bridal outfit should feel you comfortable, look great in photos, and fit within your wedding vibe.

How to Make Your Bridal Shower Outfit Special

There are a few things that should always be considered when searching for a bridal shower look.

Measure yourself: First of all, it's very important to know your correct shapewear size. A tight shapewear can create unsightly bulges and make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Similarly, a loose-fitted shapewear will not be a good fit. 

Know The type: There are different types of shapewear. Choosing from a range of different bras and shorts! But it is very important to pick the right type which may depend on a couple of things – your shape, occasion and usage.

Identify your breast types according to breast shape
Bra Types According to Breast Shape
Identify your breast types according to dress shape
Bra Types According to Dress Shape
How to wear a bra correctly

How to wear a bra properly

Identify your butt types according to butt shape

An illustration of the five general butt shapes.

Wash them properly: Shapewear like bras & shorts are the most delicate clothing item in a woman’s wardrobe. They definitely don’t deserve the harshness of a washing machine. The spinning, twisting and twirling can ruin the shape of your undergarments by damaging its underwire padding and elasticity. Always hand wash your lingerie with a mild detergent to make them last longer. Never wrinkle or squeeze them, place them flat on the surface and allow them to dry naturally.

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